The Company Behind the Tools Hitachi Koki Co, Ltd. has been an independent group member of Hitachi, Ltd. since 1948. Hitachi Koki maintains its position as a Japan’s leader to make advanced power tools. Our products are manufactured with high standards of quality in design, material and workmanship. They support every user to make jobs safer, easier and less tiring. Our factories keep improving our manufacturing facilities and assembling process for employee’s safety and efficiency. Every employee of Hitachi koki is proud to produce our durable power tools with a long service life and high performance. Hitachi Koki maintains a world-wide network of service facilities to ensure timely response to customer needs, both in supply and in after-sales service, to reach remote areas of the world. Constant feedback from the sales, service network, and in-field testing helps our development teams create innovative tools for from every user. Hitachi power tools consistently offer high levels of quality, durability and operability and performance for from full-time professionals to weekend do-it-yourself.

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